12 janv. 2011

Le mail du bonheur

Ce matin j'ai reçu le mail du bonheur.
Ça vient de Jeff Nolan, qui va poser un solo sur la chanson "Go Fuck Yourself", qui apparaitra sur le prochain JOSE AND THE WASTEMEN. Au moment précis où j'écris ces lignes j'attends les fichiers dont il parle.
J'ai 17 ans, avec une banane qui me fend la gueule d'une oreille à l'autre.
Et la gaule.
"Okay, buddy. The tracks are loading onto Wetransfer right now. I sent more than you need and more than I intended, but I can't figure out how to only send a few takes. So you're getting all of them - even the shitty ones. It's a 320 meg file with 8 separate tracks. The first 2 tracks are the gtr/bass/drums you sent me and the other 6 are solos. Track 7 is good, so is 3, 6, and 8. 4 and 5 kinda suck, but they're on there anyway.
I used a really ugly, fuzzed-out tone (Octavia). The tone isn't "good" in the traditional sense, but it does have character. I'm sorry I couldn't do a DI track, but I really suck at this computer recording shit and I didn't have a DI box. I did manage to do it in 24 bit/44.1 Khz, though. The signal chain was my Strat (sorry, Rem!), an Octavia, a Fulltone boost and a '65 Ampeg Gemini 1. An SM57 right up to the speaker and straight into my Korg D3200. No fancy mic pres. I would have used one, but I couldn't get one in time. It sounds like an angry 300 pound bee. Hopefully that works for you. All the solos have the same basic thing going on, so feel free to use them any way you like. If you want to mix and match, go right ahead. If you want to run a couple simultaneously, go right ahead.
Thanks for inviting me to do this, Seb. You flatter me. I know you grew up with the I Love You stuff and it had an impact on you, but these days I'm just a regular dude living in the swamps of Florida. I'M STILL THE MOTHERFUCKING KING OF EVIL ROCK, THOUGH. Ha! This was a lot of fun. I only wish we could have done it in the studio all together. I would have been able to play MUCH better that way."

PS : super cadeau rarissime (merci Jeff) dans le player audio, là, à droite >
"Hungry Wolf" de X jouée par I LOVE YOU. C'est tiré d'un disque promo envoyée aux promoteurs/media lors de la tournée d'I Love You avec Pearl Jam en 1991.